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Build strength and resilience

with Vic & Kelly

Our comprehensive exercise programme incorporates resistance training to build muscle, dynamic conditioning to get your flaps in a sweat and mobility exercises to

move more efficiently

FitB*tch is a 6 week, full body strength based workout programme, designed exclusively to support women who want to feel strong and build resilience



Get ready to release your inner strength and become a FitB*tch

Workouts are limited to 30 minutes to fit into your busy lifestyle and can be performed as little or as frequently as you like, depending on your fitness goals


All our workouts are pre-recorded and available 24/7 to fit in with your schedule. You have total control of when and how you exercise



Whether you're a beginner or have some fitness experience, Fitb*tch is tailored to meet you at your fitness level and guide you step by step to a fitter, stronger body


BONUS pelvic floor workshop included to tighten the ham hammock and improve pelvic floor health 


- 12 months access for -


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