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Is the course LIVE or can the workouts be performed in my bedroom in my knickers?

All our workouts are pre recorded so you can perform any session at a time suitable to your schedule. We have designed the programme to be used ideally in a 6 week period but you can dip in and out of the sessions and complete it at your own pace if life gets in the way.

I'm a busy bitch, how long are the workouts?

The workouts vary from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. The main strength workouts are 30 minutes, the dynamic conditioning is 25 minutes, the mobility routine is 20 minutes and the pelvic floor workshop is 15 minutes. 


I'm unfit AF. Will the course accommodate for different fitness levels?

Yes, we have both a complete beginner level and a more intermediate level, demonstrated beautifully by us throughout the workouts! Follow along at your own pace. As you get stronger you can adjust the weight you use to make the workouts harder or more suitable to your level of fitness. This is detailed in the introduction section of the plan.

I'm a lazy bitch. How often do I need to repeat the workouts?

This is up to you and your available time to train. Included in our programme are scheduling tips for those that want to train 2x, 3x or 4x per week. Our recommendation is to aim for 2x strength workouts per week alongside 1x cardio workout.

Do you need any exercise equipment?

You will need dumbbells, a resistance band and a mat, which you can buy here. All of this will be detailed further in the introduction section of FitBtch. We recommend you purchase minimum 4KG weights to start with. 

I've recently popped out a sprog. Is the programme suitable for postnatal women?

This is low impact programme to strengthen the whole body with a pelvic floor workshop to boot so is suitable for those in the postnatal stage. It will not only add full body function and strength, it will also help you understand how to locate and connect to the deep core and pelvic floor muscles to improve your general pelvic floor function.


Is this plan Prolapse or Diastasis safe?

Starting with the beginner exercises and adhering to our pelvic health workshop tips could be great for your body, but we would advise consulting with a pelvic health physio before you begin any exercise programme.

Whilst this is a low impact, strengthening plan with a pelvic floor workshop, we cannot guarantee that all exercise will not exacerbate any symptoms you have. Unfortunately there is no ‘safe’ list of exercises given for either of these issues, rather a focus on your ability to manage pressure well and understand how to load your pelvic floor when exercising in certain positions.

Can I use the app from outside the UK?

Membership is available worldwide and can be used anywhere, at any time once purchased. 

I hate it. How do I cancel?

To end subscription payments to FitBtch, go to the course website and follow these steps:


Go to my Account - Billing - from here you can hit CANCEL for the subscription.


The subscription will then change to cancelled and you will automatically lose access to the FitBtch content at the end of your billing period.

If you are unsatisfied with the membership, you can cancel and get a full refund in the first 48HRs after purchase. Please contact us directly to arrange.

How do I contact you?

You can email us here

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