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Feel fit as f*ck in 6 weeks

Welcome to FitBtch


​Say hello to your fitness ally, FitBtch! The kickass fitness app that's empowering women to hit the mat, embrace the sweat, and feel fit as f*ck.


Our membership offers a wealth of uncomplicated workouts with fun, non-intimidating and achievable exercise routines that will slot effortlessly into your schedule.


Created by ordinary mums with bingo wings and gunts, we understand the value of exercise as a sanity-saving, endorphin-giving, self-care ritual. Workout with us and gain unshakeable body confidence, build strength and resilience, and smash your fitness goals.

Unlimited access to courses and workouts​

Whether you're a fitness newbie or a seasoned sweat queen, our killer library of 6 week programmes will leave you feeling strong, resilient and fit as f*ck in just 30 minutes. We've got resistance training to build muscle, dynamic conditioning to get your flaps in a sweat, mobility workouts to keep your joints limber and a glutes and abs series for a core and buns of steel. Not forgetting pelvic floor workshops to support that all important undercarriage.


And because we believe in the power of balance, we've also thrown in monthly holistic sessions to aid relaxation, relieve stress and leave you feeling zen AF.


“I like the short workout times, it means I can fit them into my day quite easily. The platform is easily accessible and exercising from home means I stick to it. I love both Kelly and Vic’s chat and fun throughout the workout. They’re such a laugh and very motivating.”


Chose your plan

Monthly plan


6 month plan


£89 today, then billed every 6 months if not cancelled


  • Enjoy unlimited access to strength, cardio, mobility, and targeted workouts explicitly crafted to cater to women's unique physiological needs.

  • Benefit from a wide variety of structured 6-week programmes, ensuring you have a consistent, progressive fitness plan.

  • Make the most of your time with efficient 30-minute workouts that easily fit into your busy schedule.

  • Find the perfect fit with workouts for all levels and abilities, fostering an inclusive fitness community.

  • Participate in specialized pelvic floor strengthening workshops, focusing on a body part often overlooked but hugely impactful on women's health.

  • Discover wellness beyond physical fitness with monthly holistic sessions with guest practitioners, focusing on stress relief and relaxation.

  • Get 24/7 accountability and support from the FitBtch team, leaving no room for slacking off and ensuring consistent progress.

  • Engage with like-minded women in our vibrant online FitBtch community, because fitness is more fun when done together.

Team FitBtch

Meet Vic and Kelly, your badass fitness gurus. School run buddies turned inseparable workout besties, they're on a mission to get you fit, fierce, and feeling fabulous both on and off the mat.  

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