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Our tips for maintaining a consistent workout routine

So, you've kicked off your fitness journey, splashed some cash on some fancy leggings, and crushed your first two workouts. Then, BAM! Life happens. You get sick, the kids are on yet another school holiday, work gets crazier than ever, and suddenly, your fitness goals seem as far off as your last uninterrupted sh*t.

Falling off the fitness wagon isn't just common—it's practically a rite of passage. If you're feeling "meh" and struggling to stay consistent, know this: every single Fitbtch has impossible weeks where exercise plans go down the drain. Just because the gym bros say we all have the same 24 hours doesn’t mean it’s true for us.

So here are our top tips to keep you on track with your workouts:

  1. Sign up to FitBtch membership and join our accountabilty group Did you know that FitBtch has it's own thriving community of women cheering each other on from the sidelines? When you sign up for membership, not only are you gaining access to an extensive range of strength based workouts for women, you also become a part of the FitBtch squad. Our dedicated accountability Facebook group is a hub of activity. So whether you need some words of encouragement, some workout tips or just a place to rant about how knackered you are - you'll find a tribe of women just like you, supporting each other every squat of the way.

  1. Set Realistic Goals and Be Flexible Life with kids or a jam-packed schedule is unpredictable. Aim for small, achievable goals instead of perfection. If you plan to work out three times a week but only manage one or two because your kids are sleep sabotaging twats, remember: something is always better than nothing! Opt for one of our mobility sessions for a gentle yet effective workout - you don't have to go hardcore if your body's not feeling it.

  2. Be Intentional with Your Planning Our habits are shaped by our environment and systems. Set yourself up for success by being ultra-specific with your planning. For example: "I will do a strength training workout at 8:30 AM in the lounge in my knickers." Boom! You've got a plan.

  3. Change the Narrative We are our own worst critics. Saying things like "I never stick to anything" or "I've always been rubbish at exercise" isn’t helping. Create a new identity and focus on who you want to become. Repeat after me: "I am a Fitbtch, and I am an exerciser!" It's in your DNA now, baby!

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