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The birth of FitBtch: the fitness programme for women

FitBtch founders Vic & Kelly post working out from their fitness programme for women
FitBtch founders Vic & Kelly

Ever wondered how our FitBtch founders Vic & Kelly joined forces to create FitBtch? Well grab a cuppa, cos we’re spilling the tea…

Meeting Mum mates can be hard. Impossible in fact. Especially when you’re socially anxious bitches like Vic & Kelly. But sometimes, the universe throws you a friendship bone and you’re lucky enough to meet another Mum who just gets it. Within seconds of chatting on the school run, you drop a ‘kids are dicks’ into the convo and then BAM! You’re asking for her number and you just know you’re going to be friends.

Well that’s exactly what happened when our star crossed FitBtches met.

It was LOLs at first sight and they bonded immediately over garage classics, dubious ex boyfriends a shared perspective that motherhood can be a bag of dicks. But what pulled them together the most was their joint love for EXERCISE!

FitBtch founders Vic & Kelly being playful
Vic & Kelly

Knowing that Kelly had over 20 years of fitness expertise, Vic started attending her strength classes and fell in love with her approach to working out. Kelly understood women's bodies and delivered programmes that were female centric with an emphasis on strength and power rather than the usual BS of working out to be thin. She made exercise fun and accessible and got women moving, no matter their fitness level or body type. Her ambition to empower women and get them feeling good about themselves was in perfect alignment with Vic’s mission online to make women feel good through bants and humour.

And so FitBtch was born on the school run one day, after a conversation between the two and their ambition to help as many women out there as possible. And so they created their fitness programme for women - FitBtch. The rest is history.

Together, FitBtch wants to remove the barriers to women working out and get as many slags out there moving their bodies with confidence and intention. We want you to reap the benefits of exercise and by the end of your FitBtch workouts, feel more capable and confident in your skin.

Our workouts are designed exclusively for women and are structurally solid from a fitness perspective. But rest assured, we never go hard on the fitness chat or take ourselves too seriously like you see in a lot of workout videos. We have a laugh on the mat - especially when Vic can’t hold in her queefs - so you’ll feel like you’re working out with your saggy minged mates.

If you'd like to find out more about our FitBtch founders, why not join our subscription list for weekly updates, behind the scenes content and exclusive discounts for our FitBtch membership.

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